Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) are highly trained specialists who perform diagnostic imaging examinations and administer radiation therapy treatments. MRTs are found in emergency departments, operating rooms, mobile breast screening vans, diagnostic imaging departments and clinics.

In the Canadian healthcare system, MRTs play key roles in diagnosis and treatment and offer advice to radiologists, radiation oncologists and other healthcare providers. Technologists also work in interventional radiology, assisting with procedures that use imaging to guide catheters, balloons, stents and other tools through the body to diagnose and treat disease without open surgery.

The profession includes diverse professionals representing various technology-related disciplines:

Nuclear Medicine Technologists have technical expertise in the use of radiopharmaceuticals and radiation physics, allowing them to perform diagnostic imaging procedures with sophisticated technology.

Medical Radiological Technologists produce images of body parts and systems by performing and assisting in exams in general x-ray, computerized tomography (CT), breast imaging, operating room and other specialized procedures. They are expert in the operation of complex medical radiation equipment while providing comprehensive, compassionate care to each patient.

Medical Radiation Therapists plan and administer radiation treatment using complex medical radiation equipment for cancer patients. They offer ongoing care and support to patients and their families during treatment.

Magnetic Resonance Technologists produce diagnostic images using equipment that generates radio waves and a strong magnetic field. Extensive knowledge of MRI physics, anatomy, pathology and physiology allows magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologists to obtain images, while monitoring and caring for patients during scans.

If you have ever had an x-ray, scan, MRI, nuclear medicine procedure or radiation therapy, you have been in contact with an MRT.[i]

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