Complaints Process

The Saskatchewan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (SAMRT) is a self-regulating professional body whose mandate is to protect the public through licensing, regulation and discipline of Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) in Saskatchewan. Licenced MRTs have a professional obligation to practise in a competent and ethical manner. 

As a patient, you may sometimes be dissatisfied with your medical care provider or the manner in which medical care was provided.  If you have concerns about the treatment received from a medical radiation technologist, or have other concerns about the actions of a licenced MRT, you may want to consider the following options:

1. Discuss the problem directly with the medical radiation technologist.

  • Concerns may result from a misunderstanding or lack of information between the patient and the health professional.

2. Ask to speak with the supervisor, manager or with the health professional who ordered your procedure or treatment.

  • a) If your concern relates to a health service delivered by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), the administrative processes or policies of a facility or a hospital, contact the Quality of Care Coordinator in your area who will assist you in addressing concerns.

    b) If your complaint is about the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, you may wish to contact the Ministry of Health, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy by phone: (306) 787-2137 or email: health.infoprivacy&

3. Contact Ombudsman Saskatchewan for complaints of unfairness in provincial government ministries and agencies including the Ministry of Health, the Cancer Agency and the SHA.

4. If you decide to proceed with a formal complaint, the SAMRT can assist you in understanding the complaints processes, advise you on what information is required, and provide the necessary form for completion.

Medical radiation technologists are also ethically bound to file a complaint where the conduct or competence of a member could amount to professional misconduct and/or professional incompetence.  Please contact the SAMRT directly or complete the complaints form to initiate a formal complaint process.

“Professional incompetence” includes a significant lack of knowledge, skill or judgment, or a disregard for a patient’s welfare, which falls below the standards expected of a MRT such that the MRT should be barred from performing specific procedures or from the profession entirely in the interests of public safety. This includes inadequate knowledge about a procedure that a MRT should be able to perform, inability to perform the procedure, or incorrect judgment as to whether the procedure is required. This also includes failure to perform the procedure, not because of any lack of knowledge, skill or judgment, but because of inadequate concern for the patient.

Professional misconduct includes conduct that:

  • Harms the best interests of the public or other MRTs (for example, a failure to cooperate with other healthcare professionals)
  • Tends to harm the MRT profession (for example, disseminating dangerous false information on a health care subject)
  • Is a breach of The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006 or the SAMRT bylaws, including the Code of Ethics (for example, a breach of the Code of Ethics)
  • Is a failure to comply with an order of the Professional Conduct Committee, the Discipline Committee, or the SAMRT Council (for example, a breach of a prior disciplinary order constitutes a new offence)