SAMRT Membership/Licensure fees


Effective Jan. 1 2020

Student Membership (Covers 2 years)


Initial Application Fee (Waived for student members)


Full Practicing Membership/Licensure


Graduate License for 4 months (Must work under supervision)


Non-Practicing Membership


Associate Membership


Retired Membership


Dues Renewal Information

The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006 requires members to renew their registration every year.  Every member of the SAMRT must complete the annual registration renewal in order to:

  • Continue practicing as a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) in Saskatchewan; or
  • Continue on a non practicing or associate status to stay in good standing; or
  • Resign in good standing.

It is a member's responsibility to ensure they complete their renewal every year.  Members can complete their renewal through the SAMRT online renewal system from October 15 - December 30 by logging in to the SAMRT member portal. The deadline for renewal is November 30 of each year, after which a late filing fee of $100.00 will be required prior to granting a licence.

General Information for Renewal:

Practice Hour Requirement

In order to be eligible for a full practice license, members must have practiced a minimum of 1200 MRT practice hours in their primary discipline in the previous five years.  The practice hour requirement for one's secondary discipline remains the same at 300 MRT practice hours in the previous five years. 

For more information on the dues renewal process, click link below to view: