Annual Renewal

A licence to practice as a medical radiation technologist in Saskatchewan is mandatory.  Section 12(2) of The Medical Radiation Technologists Regulatory Bylaws, 2020 (Regulatory Bylaws) requires you complete the licence renewal process on or before December 1 in each year in order to:  

  1. Continue practicing as a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) in Saskatchewan; 
  2. Resign in good standing;  or
  3. Change to or continue as a non-practicing, associate or retired member.

 If you are taking a leave of absence in the upcoming year, you must still complete the licence renewal process and either resign in good standing or convert to a non-practice membership.  You must also notify the SAMRT office of your intended leave. 


1. Practice Hours

Section 13(1)(a)(i) of the Regulatory Bylaws provides that in order to be eligible for a full practice licence, members must have worked 1,200 practice hours in the member’s primary discipline and 300 practice hours in any secondary discipline in the previous five years.

2. Continuing Education 

Section 17(1) of the Regulatory Bylaws provides that each member is required to maintain a personal inventory of continuing education credits to be made available if requested by the Registrar.  Each member must earn a minimum of ten (10) Medical Radiation Technology credits annually. Dues years, rather than calendar years, will be used for credit accumulation: December 1 - November 30.

3. Professional Liability Insurance 

Section 18 of the Regulatory Bylaws state all members who practice are required to be insured against liability for professional negligence in an amount that is at least $5,000,000 per incident and $5,000,000 per year. 

It is a member's responsibility to ensure they complete their renewal every year.  Members can complete their renewal through the SAMRT online renewal system from October 15 - December 30 by logging in to the SAMRT member portal.

A licence to practice is granted for a one-year term ending December 31 each year and is subject to an annual review by the Registrar. The deadline for renewal is November 30 of each year, after which a late filing fee of $100.00 will be required prior to granting a licence.

If payment isn't received by December 31 of that licence year, the individual will be removed from the SAMRT roster and must apply for reinstatement and may need to pay a reinstatement fee.

Renewal FAQs: for more information on the renewal process, click here.