International Applicants

This information is for Internationally Educated Medical Radiation Technologists (IEMRTs) who seek to be registered to work in Saskatchewan in one of the four disciplines: Medical Radiological Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Magnetic Resonance Technology, and Medical Radiation Therapy.

Medical radiation technologists (MRTs) are governed by The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006. As per this legislation, you are required by law to be registered and hold a valid practice licence with the Saskatchewan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists in order to legally practice within the designated specialty. 

It is unlawful to practice as an MRT in Saskatchewan without registration with SAMRT.

General Requirements for IEMRTs

  • Applicants must show that the medical radiation technology program is the equivalent of a program from an accredited school in Canada, which requires that the program be a minimum of two years in length with both academic and clinical components.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of good character by answering the self-disclosure questions on the IEMRT application form.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed the MRT exam administered by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT).

Application checklist for IEMRTS

You must take the following steps to become registered:

1. Apply to the Saskatchewan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (SAMRT) to determine whether you are eligible to have your credentials assessed:

  • Click here to begin the registration application. Recent grad or new to Saskatchewan? Apply Now!.

    ✔ Pay the non-refundable application fee of $120.00 online (credit card only).

    ✔ Submit a current criminal record check (done within the last 90 days) to the SAMRT Office. This must be an original sent by post or courier. Applications will not be processed until the criminal record check has been received.

    ✔ In the case of an applicant whose first language is not English, evidence is required that the applicant meets the requirements for proficiency in English as recognized by the SAMRT Council. See Language Fluency Requirements.

    ✔ Submit proof that you are an MRT graduate within the last 3 years (copy of your diploma). If it has been more than 3 years since you graduated, you must submit proof of having 1,200 hours of work experience within the last 5 years in the discipline you plan to work in while you are employed in Saskatchewan. A letter of reference from your employer(s) will not be accepted, we must have the actual hours worked for each employer. This information can be obtained from your current and/or past employers. The letter or form must be on official company letterhead and signed by your immediate supervisor. You can fax or scan copies to us or you can mail the copies along with your criminal record check.

2. If the SAMRT Registrar advises you that you are eligible to do so (you will be considered eligible if you have an acceptable criminal record check and meet the English language proficiency and practice hour requirements), apply to the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) to have your credentials assessed and to determine whether you are eligible to write the national certification exam. For more information on the CAMRT assessment process, click here

3. If the CAMRT advises you that you are eligible to do so, apply to CAMRT to write the national certification exam. A CAMRT exam application form is available by clicking here

4. If you successfully complete the national certification exam, apply to SAMRT for membership and licensure.

Additional information for IEMRTS

  • The length of time from initial application to SAMRT (step 1) to eligibility to write the national certification exam (step 3) is a minimum of six months to one year but may be longer.
  • In order to work in Saskatchewan, you must also obtain a licence in addition to registering.
  • A full practicing licence is available to you after you successfully complete the national exam, BUT ONLY IF you either graduated from a medical radiation technology program within the three years prior to your licence application at step 4 OR have at least 1200 hours of work experience in the discipline in which you want to work within the five years prior to your licence application at step 4.
  • CAMRT requires that you apply to write the national exam (step 3) within five years of the date on which you graduated from your education program or on which you last worked as an MRT.
  • These time limits mean that even though CAMRT may allow you to write the exam, you would not be eligible for a licence from SAMRT if your date of graduation is more than three years earlier than, or if you have not worked at least 1200 hours in the five years prior to, the date of your application for a licence to SAMRT at step 4.

Note: All documents must be uploaded and where required, sent to the SAMRT Office in order to proceed with the application.

Resources and opportunities

Calling all unlicensed internationally educated/trained health-care professionals

Are you or someone you know an internationally educated/trained health-care professional (IEHP) residing in Saskatchewan or Canada who needs support in getting licensed?

If you have been educated or trained as a health-care worker outside of Canada, there are supports available to help you work in your area of practice here. Please complete this assessment form if you are interested in becoming a health-care worker in Saskatchewan. Supports may include referral to language classes, assistance navigating the license pathway, potential additional training, financial assistance to support the costs associated with the licensing process, and referral to other services.

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